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Our clients have amazing ideas. We love creating them
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We’re a software company with a different approach

Shorke is a team of start-up tech entrepreneurs, software designers, UI experts and developers who have a track record in investing in and bringing to market innovative software.
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Talking through your ideas helps us to create a brief that we will then use and refer to throughout the lifecycle of the project.


We then create a prototype that allows us to mock-up how your software is going to work, where you can see it in action and test it out.


Once you are happy with the prototype, we design your software - which helps us make sure that it will be easy, intuitive and beautiful to use.


We then develop your software, asking you to test and sign-off on the different stages of development, until we are complete and we get your idea live!
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We provide great software solutions


A consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know you, your business and what you are looking to achieve with your new software. It creates a solid base on which to build a strong working relationship, and to build a brief from.

Software Design

Going hand in hand with our Prototyping service, our incredible design team are second to none at turning your vision into a creative reality. The end results are not only beautiful, but also factor in mobile and tablet devices too.


Prototyping allows us to create an online working version of your software vision, letting us play around with ideas and tweak what does and doesn't work. It is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle - fitting the different elements together to create a brilliant whole.


This is where we get to bring your idea to life, utilising the designs and prototypes created, to develop your new application. Our team takes an iterative approach to development, where we work in stages and obtain your feedback throughout.


Our review service is two fold, and gives us the opportunity to review any existing software you may have so that we can develop it further, and / or the ability to review all stages of software development on a cyclical basis to manage quality and ensure a brilliant outcome.


Going hand in hand with all stages of our software development, our production service gives us the tools that we need to manage the process throughout, to keep you informed throughout, and to make delivery as transparent and painless as possible.

There is no I in our team


I love what I do, and I get to work with amazing people while I do it - they make it all possible. I am excited to see what the future brings.
Joanna Short
CEO & Founder

Nice to meet

We get to design and create software as a day job - how amazing is that! Yeah we're geeks, but geeks are cool :)
The X Team
Designers & Developers

Getting it done!

Each day brings different challenges, which is exciting and always keeps me on my toes. Bring on tomorrow!
Sam Sentance
Assistant Manager
Additional Services.

A full service software company

We have our bread and butter and then we have some additional services that make everything work that bit smoother.

Coffee Mornings

To train key staff on your product, we can create a plan for you, or we can train you over coffee and cake.

Software Design

So you have a great software idea but don't have a brand that works for it? Our design team can help create one for you.


Want to keep us on retainer so that when you have that next great software idea, we can help you plan from the get go?


Software is one part of the story - hosting and carrying out changes and bug fixes is another. We can help with that!


Have a great piece of software but want it to talk to something else? We can create an API that does just that.


We offer quarterly or annual reviews so we can provide software recommendations to help shape it for the future.


How well is your software performing? Our developers can create specific reports tailored to your needs.


We offer different aftercare support depending upon your requirements - from help desk only, to account management.

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