Does your software provider make you feel like an idiot?

Posted 26 NovemberTagged software development, software production

You are not alone!

I also absolutely include myself in that, where over the course of my career, I have felt that way when speaking with development companies and my own in-house developers alike!

More often than not, they don’t mean it of course. They just speak to each other in a different language to us all day, and so when it comes round to talking with us, they forget that we don’t speak it too.

Over the years though, I have actually started doing it myself – using phrases that have become second nature without even thinking, and then having to correct myself when I see the look on the opposite persons face. So I have come to understand both sides of the fence really well, and now often act as translator for both.

One thing that I have also seen a lot, and have also done myself (when I haven’t wanted to come across like an idiot because I don’t know what someone is talking about), is that I have nodded and smiled and said nothing – hoping that it isn’t that important or that I will figure it out at some point.

However, I have learned a lot of hard lessons that way – some of them very costly. Where a decision or choice has been made about how my software is going to be hosted, or in what language it’s going to be developed in and so forth, and then realising too late, that it isn’t going to work in the way that I had hoped.

So one phrase I use a lot with my clients, is that there really aren’t any stupid questions – and I honestly mean it!

It’s why, for me, building a good strong relationship and partnership with my clients is key; they have to trust in me and my team, and feel like they can ask us any question without us making them feel silly because of it; and us making sure that we translate everything we do, to make it as easy as possible to get a great piece of software developed that is exactly what you had hoped for.

Do you have that relationship with your software provider?

As you absolutely should, and I would always recommend that you take steps to change it, as otherwise the situation will stay the same, and tomorrow won’t be any better than today.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to change your provider, you just need to front up with them and tell them how they can help make your relationship better, and vice versa. Like any good relationship, it takes work on both sides, and if you’re both prepared to put that work in, then it’s always worth it!

If any of the above resonates with you, then I would really love to hear your story, whether it be one of success or failure, because I feel that learning from each other to make change for the better is the way forward, so do drop me a message using the form below.

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