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In fact, more often than not, it’s a LOT of coffee and us forgetting to eat! It’s hard work, collaboration, the sharing of ideas – good and bad – and the ability to have a lot of fun doing it.

Funnily enough, it’s also sometimes the bad ideas that trigger the best ideas of all – so we don’t rule anything out when it comes to our work.

We do however make sure that we follow a key structure with every project, and it is a tried and tested approach that always leads us to the best outcomes:

  1. Research – When our clients have an initial idea and come to us, we look into it – the more we understand where you are coming from, the better we will be at coming up with a successful software solution.
  2. Meet and greet – We like to build strong, ongoing relationships with our clients, knowing that the better we know each other, the better the end products are. So it helps us to make sure that we are going to be the right fit for each other – get it wrong and neither of us will be happy, get it right and we will have a great partnership for the long term.
  3. Create a written proposal / brief – Writing out a brief, that includes your key objectives for the new software, helps us to get things underway. It also triggers us to ask you key questions around what you are looking to achieve, so that we can make sure we have all basis covered. Once complete, we refer to this brief throughout – to keep us all on track and focused on delivery.
  4. Create prototypes – We interpret your ideas through the brief, and turn them into a visual prototype that you can interact with online. It is like a wireframe or technical drawing, but allows you to move around it like you would the real software. This way, you get a close approximation of how your end product will work, and allows us to iron out any kinks before we start developing.
  5. Create visuals – Our UI / UX designers take the prototype and do their thing – they design the layouts and tweak them to ensure that the end product will be beautiful and easy to interact with.
  6. Create a specification – Using both the prototype and the visuals, we document out the functionality requirements of the project that our developers will then use throughout the development stage. We also create a project schedule at this point, and detail out what will be happening at what stage, including how the testing and review stages will work.
  7. Deliver on the specification – This is our bread and butter, and where we really get our groove on! Watching the previous efforts take shape and turn into an end product is really exciting for us – and hopefully for our clients as well! This is the largest and longest part of any project, but we break it down into core deliverables – an iterative process – that allows us to show you the works as they progress, and to test throughout.

If you have a great idea, and our process sounds like something you could work with, please do get in touch.

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