How to choose the right software company for you

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There are a lot of software companies out there, and with the core principals of software development being the same, how do you choose the right one for you?

Well in all honesty, I know from experience that a lot of it will come down to price, but often it’s a bit of a misnomer… Does the below sound familiar?

You wanted to work with a software house that you came across that you thought would be amazing, but the budget just wouldn’t stretch that far, so you chose the one that you could, even though you had reservations.

The process was exasperating, you felt like an idiot most of the time because you couldn’t understand the tech jargon being used, everything took longer than quoted, you kept getting invoices for extras that had never been factored in, you didn’t like the product when you finally got to see it, but all the changes you asked for were billed for as extras, and you ended up with a product you weren’t happy with.

Oh, and then you ended up spending even more money on another company putting it all right – where the end result actually cost you the same as if you had gone with that software house you had originally liked and wanted to work with in the first place.

So how do you avoid this when price is still a big factor?

Well I always do 2 things that have stood me in good stead:

  1. I always complete a software comparison review (a spreadsheet with a column of things I am looking for in a company on the left, ranked by priority, and a column for each of the companies to the right) and then do some research online to gather the data to fill out the table – it helps you to be more objective in your approach.
  2. I then choose the top 3 companies from the review, and ask myself these questions:
    1. You have to like them – trust your gut feeling, what does it say?
    2. Their process should resonate with you – can you work the way that they are proposing?
    3. What do their clients say? Speak with them and find out!
    4. Do they specialise in or are recognised for a specific type of product development? If so, does that tie in with what you are trying to achieve?
    5. If they are able to show you some case studies of their work, do you like it?
    6. Where are they based? Does that work for you, especially if it affects your ability to have onsite meetings with them?
    7. And last but by no means least – the price has to be right. We know it can be difficult, especially if you are a start up, to get the funding for a software project, so do they offer any discounts or help with this aspect? As an example, Shorke can offer reduced software costs in exchange for equity, so that way you know that we will be as invested in the outcome as you are.

Now I’m not saying that Shorke will be the perfect software company for you, even if the above does resonate with you, but we are more than happy to talk through your ideas, how we work and how we could work with you, to see if we are!

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