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Posted 12 NovemberTagged software design, UI, UX


I have worked with some amazing software developers over the years, a few of which are also now good friends, and what they can achieve is really remarkable – seeing someone’s vision come to life, is one of my favourite things about working in this space. I absolutely geek out on it, if I’m honest 🙂

However there is one very important aspect of software development and the processes that go into it, that can easily get overlooked – as no matter how great the software is / the code behind the software, if the users it’s intended for can’t actually use it, it fails.

It also happens more often than you think, because everyone gets so excited by the end game, wanting to get there as quickly as possible, that they skip steps at the design and planning stage so that they can see the end result. In my experience though, this approach, more often than not, leads to customer disappointment, compromises, a lot of changes, and big increases in costs.

So if you are thinking about developing your next great idea, or are looking for an software company to help you do it, always make sure that you spend the right amount of time on planning, designing and prototyping your software.

I promise you, it will be worth it!

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