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Why software shouldn't be built without it!

We use software every day. From the moment we pick up our phones in the morning, to the applications we use at work, to the electronic adverts we see on our commutes, and even for watching Netflix when we come home in the evening. Our daily lives are touched by software, and although a lot of the time they do enhance it, there are definitely times when we are hindered by it.

So what do we mean by hindered?

How many times has an employer or employee moaned to you about how awful the software is that they are using for a particular task? How many times have you yourself struggled with a piece of software, with it either being slow or clunky to use, or difficult and complex?

It isn’t an uncommon story, and a lot of it actually isn’t to do with how good the software is or isn’t at it’s intended function. It’s to do with how well it has been ‘designed’ with the user in mind.

This is what we focus on at Shorke – we take a design and user driven approach to software development. Laying out the functionality required, from each users point of view, and then actually designing, screen by screen, what the user is going to see, what they are going to interact with, and how.

We pay careful attention to user statistical data, which is information gathered across the web for how users interact with websites, to understand where best to place a button, or what the colour, shape and size of that button should be, for maximum engagement from the user.

As from experience, we know that the more ‘designed’ a software application is, the more a user will use it, the more they are engaged by it, and that leads to either greater internal efficiencies, or more revenue!

So if you are thinking of taking the plunge, and looking to create a new piece of software, spend some time thinking about how to engage your users visually, through colour, layout and interaction.

We also have a fantastic design team here at Shorke, so before you jump straight in and get something developed, why not give us a call and let us help you ‘design’ it first.

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