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Augmenting our streets

We are familiar with using Google Maps and looking at a 3D picture of the world, but this could allow us to walk down a street in London as though it were 100 years in the past, create scary ghost stories in the streets, create hide and seek games throughout the city, show us what a building could look like once built, and so on! It definitely peaked our interest, so we thought it would yours as well…

Courtesy of Charlotte Jee:

Mapping the world in 3D will let us paint streets with augmented reality

scape gif

Machines need an exact digital replica of our world if we’re going to get true, location-specific AR (or accurate robot food deliveries.)

The need for precision: GPS might be fine for humans, but it won’t cut it for machines. They’ll need to know where things are down to the centimeter.

Every angle covered: London-based startup Scape has developed a visual positioning service that uses multiple camera images to work out exactly where you are in two or three seconds. Scape has collected over two billion street images to precisely 3D-map more than 100 cities around the world.

How it works: Scape’s algorithms extract “points of interest” (like street signs, or lampposts) from any image in order to compare it with the billions already in its database. Its system then uses triangulation to deduce the angle and distance from which the object was observed, returning its precise location to the end user.

Killer application: For now, it will be all about anchoring augmented reality more precisely to the real world. But one day, Scape wants its location services to become the underlying infrastructure upon which driverless cars, robotics, and augmented-reality services sit.

Photo by David Martin on Unsplash

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