#TechTalk – Storing Data in DNA Strands.

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Forget USB sticks, what about DNA Drives?

We really do love it when science fiction becomes real life. It always leads us down the same conversational path – does life imitate art, or art imitate life? Either way, it’s always a fun one to have in the Shorke office, and when this appeared on our radar, well!

Courtesy of MIT Technology Review:

Microsoft just booted up the first “DNA drive” for storing data

Microsoft has helped build the first device that automatically encodes digital information into DNA and back to bits again.

DNA storage: Microsoft has been working toward a photocopier-size device to replace data centers by storing files in DNA strands, which can pack in information at mind-boggling density. According to Microsoft, all the information stored in a warehouse-size data center would fit into a set of Yahtzee dice, were it written in DNA.

Demo device: So far, DNA data storage has been carried out manually. But now researchers say they created a machine that converts electronic bits to DNA and back automatically.

Still limited: The team was able to store and retrieve just a single word—“hello”—or five bytes of data. What’s more, the process took 21 hours, mostly because of the slow chemical reactions involved in writing DNA.  A commercially useful DNA storage system would have to store data millions of times faster.

—Antonio Regalado

Image courtesy of Steemit.

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