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One that can diagnose diseases!

Most of us at Shorke wear contact lenses or glasses, and so this tech prototype was quite an interesting one for us! Imagine if you could detect issues with your eyes before they happen? It could prevent so many problems for people all around the world if this became mainstream.

Courtesy of MIT Technology Review:

DeepMind has made a prototype product that can diagnose eye diseases

It’s a device that scans a patient’s retina to diagnose potential issues in real time.

How it works:  After scanning the retina, the images are analyzed by DeepMind’s algorithms, before they return a detailed diagnosis and an “urgency score.” It all takes roughly 30 seconds. The prototype system can detect a range of diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Most notably, it can do this as accurately as top eye specialists, DeepMind claims. The system was tested out publically at an event in London last week. The research behind it was published in Nature Medicine last August.

The aim: It’s to create an AI tool that generalist doctors can use to see if a specialist is needed, how urgently, and why, according to DeepMind’s senior clinician scientist Alan Karthikesalingam. If it gets approval it will be initially offered to consultants at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital to use for free, according to the FT.

Timings: The system, which has been developed with clinicians at Moorfields over the last three years, hasn’t been submitted for regulatory approval yet, so it may be many years before it becomes more widely available, according to a DeepMind spokesperson.

Photo by Avantgarde Concept on Unsplash

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