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Posted 28 NovemberTagged product design, techtalk

All about good product design

I was out for lunch with a close friend the other day, talking rather animatedly about several new technologies that I had come across, and she asked why I don’t write a blog about it.

Well I didn’t have a very good reason not to, and given that I somehow always find myself exploring, researching, playing with, talking about, all sorts of different tech – from new apps, to home and car technology, to furniture and appliances that change how we define it, to the latest gadgets and so on, I figured why not!

So from next week, I will be putting my pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard really), and giving my 2 cents on different products that I have come across that solve a problem, and solve it well – the epitome of good design for me. I don’t believe in form over function / design for design’s sake – so instead give me a beautifully designed chair, that is the most comfortable thing in the world – and for me that’s the true winner!

So please do check back next week to take a read, and also feel free to submit your own thoughts on something cool that you have found that you want to share, by using the form below.

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