#TechTalk – Nike Reinvents the Trainer

Posted 13 FebruaryTagged techtalk

And they lace up themselves!

We love Back to the Future here at Shorke. We eagerly await flying cars, hover boards and shoes that do themselves up.

So when Nike announced that it has actually created a self-tying shoe, we almost cried with excitement! But that’s not all they do!

Check out this article from Fast Companies Mark Wilson:

It’s the most tested shoe Nike has ever released, which is insane to consider. But Nike has a lot riding on the future of shoes.

Today, Nike is announcing the culmination of an intense, three-year development project that’s 30 years in the making. The Nike Adapt BB is a $350 basketball shoe that’s capable of tying itself, à la Back to the Future II. But more crucially, it’s a shoe loaded with an iPhone’s worth of hardware, to react and reshape itself to the needs of your foot in real time. That’s right: It doesn’t just track your performance like Nike+; it will use that data to reconfigure itself in real time.

Read the full article here.

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