#Techtalk – Redesigning the TV

Posted 16 JanuaryTagged technology, techtalk

LG has made it beautiful!

We are huge TV fans here at Shorke; watching it, the tech behind it, and the design of them. They are such a huge part of our every day lives, and we take for granted how they look – designing our living spaces around a large black rectangle that looks pretty ugly when not in use.

Samsung then came out with the ‘Frame’ which looks like a normal picture frame with your choice of art inside it. Along with an almost invisible cable that added to the design aesthetic.

LG have now offered up their take on it; a futuristic TV, with clean, simple and beautiful lines that rolls back into its casing when not in use. More than that though, it offers 3 different viewing modes:

  1. The first view has the screen only rolling up a few inches in height to display weather, time, music and so on (an app hub if you like)
  2. A wider view that allows you to watch movies filmed in ultra-wide ratio
  3. The third view is your familiar 16:9 aspect ratio TV for all your normal every day movies and tv series

It really is a reinvention of our everyday TV, drawing on simple, practical lines, with a no mess, no fuss appeal – maintaining a 4k resolution and built in audio unit that offers surround sound.

And yes, it has Alexa and Airplay built in!

We are pretty excited about it over here, but it won’t actually be on sale until the latter part of this year, with a sale price we expect to be considerable.

Hopefully though, this is the first of many redesigns that will change and challenge our expectations of what a TV should look like, and what it should do.

It is time for someone to do to the TV, what Steve Jobs did for mobile phones!

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