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Product Review

Technology that solves a problem and is well designed, makes the whole experience of using it as easy and intuitive as possible, and means that there are no barriers to you wanting and using the software / product over and over again.

Rocketbook is one of those products for me.

So what problem was I trying to solve?

  • I wanted something more environmentally friendly with less wastage than a normal notebook
  • I wanted something where I don’t manually have to type up my notes, and could send the information to whomever I needed to – especially after a business meeting for example

Yes, I could have used one of the many pieces of software that I already have, but I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of putting pen to paper, especially for writing down thoughts and ideas, to do lists, notes and so forth.

For some reason, the more tactile nature of it helps me to focus in a digital, all connected, sometimes distracting world, and the action of writing something down also helps me to memorise things much better.

So I did a little online research, and came across Rocketbook.

A never-ending notebook, where I can put pen to paper and scribble away to my hearts content, and then when all said and done, I can tick one of the options at the bottom of the page that allows me to get it emailed, stored online, or texted to me (based upon what you have setup in the app) scan the page with the Pocketbook app, and hey presto, my notes are digital!

You can then wipe away your writing with the cloth provided by wetting it a little and wiping it over the page, and with the page restored you can start all over again.

I especially like the fact that the app can also transcribe your handwriting – and if your handwriting is lovely and neat it comes out almost perfectly. If it’s like mine though, which is pretty illegible at the best of times, then it’s pretty funny to see what the output is 🙂

So if you are looking for a notebook that still allows you to scribble away with pen and paper, but also combines a little bit of very useful technology with an app to boot, then I would definitely recommend checking this out.

Take a look on Rocketbook’s website to find out more: https://getrocketbook.co.uk

Images courtesy of Rocketbook.

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