#Techtalk – Rubbish Bins

Posted 9 JanuaryTagged development, environment, product planning

Voice activated ones!

Sometimes there is such a thing as reinventing the wheel, and Simplehuman has done just that with rubbish bins!

Ok so not the most exciting tech topic I hear you say?

Maybe not, but this is where design and functionality come together, to make something useful and a pleasure to look at! For example, how many times do you have to go to your bin during cooking? Think about it… You chop and peel some garlic, the peel has to go in the bin, you chop up some veg, the peels and ends have to go in the bin, you take out some chicken, the wrapping has to go in the bin. It continues. And if you have kids, think nappies! That’s a lot of bin trips.

So I really like the idea of this – I am all about efficient living! Gives me more time to focus on the things I actually like doing 🙂

For more information about the product, please do check out the article from Fastcompany’s Elizabeth Segran here:

Simplehuman has seen the future, and it’s full of robot trash cans

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